There are large camping areas at the EC, and you can put up your tent starting July 12th (until August 10th).

Be sure to camp in the marked areas only (and not in the woods or cow fields). If you’re unsure, please ask! We value our good relationship with our neighbors. Any tents outside the marked areas will be removed without further notice.

Please do not bring drugs, alcohol, or animals to the course, and note that open fires are illegal on the camping grounds.

Hotels and holiday flats

Our course takes place during the last weeks of the high tourism season in Immenstadt and the Oberallgäu region. Please make reservations as soon as possible if you want to stay in a hotel or holiday flat.


Gästeinformation, AlpseeHaus
Bühl am Alpsee, Seestraße 10, 87509 Immenstadt
Tel. 08323-998877, Fax 08323-9988719

Those who stay offsite can take the shuttle up to the EC from the parking area “P3 Viehmarktplatz.”


Registration for medical beds is available here until 30 June 2024. 
Due to limited facilities available, we cannot guarantee beds for all applicants, therefore please also plan alternative accommodation. Those who are allocated a bed will be informed in the first week of July.

If you have a question, please email:

If you need a chair in the gompa, please send a request to We cannot promise anything, but we will do our best.  

Camping rental service

During the EC Summer Course, we rent out camping equipment on site, mostly donated by friends. Our stock at the moment is about 250 sleeping places (approx. 120 tents), about 100 sleeping bags and 80 mats.

If your journey takes more than 5 flight hours or you have complicated ways to get to Europe, you can apply to use the Camping Rental Service.
Please carefully read our requirements on the registration page.

Prices per person and stay:
– place in a tent: 20,- €
– sleeping bag: 15,- €
– camping mattress: 5,- €

Please register here.
For any questions please contact

All of our camping equipment has been rented out for the 2024 course. If you have questions, please contact

Caravans and campers

If you would like to stay in your caravan or camper, please find local campsites or official camper car parks in the area. It will not be possible to park your camper or caravan at the Europe Center. Here are two good options: