Prices and Registration

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As you can see in the price table, the daily rate goes down the longer you stay. This pricing structure allows us to cover costs while still keeping the course as affordable as possible and encouraging you to stay as long as you can.

Pricing table for the International Summer Course

Note that the “countdown” of days you stay begins with the first full day. Also, if you arrive in the afternoon, you only pay 2/3 of the first day, and if you arrive in the evening, you only pay 1/3 of the first day. Every day after that is counted as a whole day, even if you are not staying overnight. Your departure day will be counted as an entire day unless you depart before 10am—in which case the day will not be counted and you can still have breakfast with us.

In case of bank transfer, please remember to make the transfer a few days earlier, as money does not always arrive on the same or even the next day. Weekends and international transfers in particular take longer. If you are late, better pay while checking in by cash or card.

Minors at the Summer Course

Minors (under 18 years old) can take part in the course if they are accompanied by an ever-present parent. Minors without the constant supervision of a parent can take part only if another participant (over 21 years old) takes full responsibility for them and confirms this in written form. Here, you can download the PDF.

The course organizer reserves the right to prohibit minors from participating in the course.