General Information


We will serve three meals per day, which are included in the price of the course. We provide all plates, cups, and utensils. You will also find a small shop on site where you can buy a variety of groceries and products.

We use an automatic, high-temperature dishwasher, assuring good hygiene at a minimal price. So please do not bring your own plates (since the machine will not accept them).

Medical information

Please keep in mind that the doctors on site only offer first-aid and emergency medical attention, without exception. In cases of non-urgent sickness or injuries, you will have to go to Immenstadt to see a doctor. Be sure to have valid health insurance and to bring a first-aid kit with you to the course.

Please also keep in mind that if your health insurance provider is not within the European Union, you will have to pay for treatment and medication out of pocket.


The entire course will be given in English with simultaneous translation into many languages. It will be possible to rent an FM radio on site; nevertheless, we recommend that you bring your own digital FM radio. It will be more comfortable for you and convenient for the team.

Info for digital nomads

If you need to work during the course, note that we cannot provide a working space on site. Space is quite limited, and we aim to make the course as focused on dharma and meditation as possible.

There is WiFi throughout the cafeteria tent, but it is often slow and unreliable. You may want to use your own hotspot instead and plan accordingly.

We also recommend checking out the Schlosswerkstatt and seven-work-space, two co-working spaces in Immenstadt.


The entire course is organized and run by the joyful work of a full-time volunteer team, supported by hundreds of helpers throughout the day. If you have surplus energy to give a few hours and become part of this great team effort, get in touch with the friendly folks at the Job Center (close to the cafeteria).

If you’d like to help in preparing the course—building up or dismantling—please write to


The “Kids’ Corner” will be open in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings where we create a colorful program for children aged 4 to 14, with plenty of support from parent helpers. (Parents, you can sign up to help out on site.)

There is no guided program in the evening, but we support parents to organize movie nights among themselves. For the toddlers (0 to 3-year-olds), we have professional childcare every day 10:00–13:00 and 15:00–18:00.

Gompa atmosphere

Since the Summer Course has become more focused on meditation in recent years, the team has made a decision to reflect that change: the teaching and meditation sessions in the gompa will be exclusively for meditation practitioners.

The one exception is the empowerments, where we encourage all children to join their parents in the gompa.



Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a laundry service for everyone at all times. We only provide limited service in emergency cases for families with children. So please don’t be surprised if the laundry cannot accept your requests. And bring a few extra pairs of everything when you pack!